The Tipsy Sailor Party Menu

  • Thick vegetable spring rolls with a plum sauce (V) Beef and beer pie

    Cream cheese filled jalapeño poppers (V) Chicken satay skewer

    Lamb and mint croquette with a thick mint gravy Selection of sushi

    Champagne and saffron arancini balls (V) Chef’s sausage rolls with tomato relish
  • To Finish

    New York cheeseburger with streaky bacon, mozzarella and burger relish

    Chef and Hostess staff onboard to prepare, set up, serve and clear over 3 hours Cooking Equipment

    Service ware and napkins
  • $35.00 per guest (Minimum 50)

  • Service Fee $220.00

  • Each hour after 3 hours is $70.00 per hour